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Mooring 592 Bay of Islands, English Bay - For Sale and Rent

15 Jul 2022
By Negotiation
$30 per Week
Bay of Islands, English Bay
Mooring number
Location comments
English bag is located in Opua bay of islands. Well maintained mooring. Close to shore for easy row.
Due to change in personal circumstances, am offering this much- loved mooring in bay of islands up for sale and or rent. It’s is located conveniently close to shore for easy row.

Mooring maintenance report:
I am pleased to report that mooring last serviced at English Bay on 2 March 2022. Inspection and service were carried out in accordance with the Northland Regional Council (NRC) mooring standards.
 NRC records show the mooring is licensed to hold vessels up to 8 metres which puts the mooring into the 2-ton block category mooring has been serviced to this standard.
(Moorings with a licensed length up to 7 metres are in the 1-ton block category, 7-12 metres are in the 2-ton category, and 12-18 metres are in the 4-ton category).
 This mooring has a 2-ton block. The block passed inspection as the pin measured 29.9mm, being above the NRC minimum threshold of 25mm.
 The m ground chain measured 36.7-39.2mm and passed inspection, the NRC minimum threshold being 25mm for a 2-ton system.
 Of the existing 3m x 20mm intermediate chain, 2m measured 17.4-18.4mm and passed inspection, the remaining 1m measured 16.0-16.3mm and failed inspection and so with the minimum NRC threshold for this chain being 17mm. We replaced the failed section with 1m x 20mm regular link chain.
 The swivel’s collar and pin showed wear beyond the NRC’s threshold and it was replaced.
 All new connecting shackles were double-welded closed for added mooring security.
 The 4.5m x 24mm strop and the antichafe hose passed inspection as did the foam filled buoy and buoy line.
Vessel licenced for Length
8m (26ft)
Low Water Depth
1.8m (6ft)
Last Inspection
03 Mar 2022
Julia Warren