Kerikeri pile mooring upgrade project

Last year, around 36 pile moorings were upgraded at Waipapa Landing Basin and we are working on a plan to upgrade the remaining pile moorings within the Kerikeri River.

It is unsafe to leave the remaining pile moorings in their current state. Many are over 40 years old, in poor condition and pose a navigational threat – especially in weather events with high rainfall. If left as is, vessels have the potential to break loose and cause damage to other vessels down river. Once upgraded, moorings are expected to last between 30 and 50 years.

The cost of the wooden piles upgraded in the Waipapa Basin in 2020 was approximately $6,500 plus GST (subject to change).

Basalt rock is prevalent in the upper part of the river, so machinery is required to drill and install pipes here. As this machinery is costly to hire, piles located in basalt rock will be subject to additional costs. However, we want to ensure that this project is cost effective and efficient to mooring owners, so this work will be carried out in one go.

To help us plan for this project, please answer the questions in our survey, confirm your mooring number, and provide your email address or phone number. Your responses will help us determine how many piles need to be upgraded, project costs and completion date. 

If you do not want to upgrade your pile mooring, we can assist with transfers and sales if required.

If you have any questions about this survey, email us at: [email protected]