Maritime forms

Application for Immobilisation of Ship's Engine at Berth


Hot Work Permit forms

Hot Work Application – Form A
Only for use at Northport, Portland Cement & by Cruise Ships

Hot Work Application – Form B
All other hot work requiring Harbourmaster Authorisation

Notification of Maritime Collision or Accident

The reporting of boating accidents and groundings helps to improve navigation safety.

Accidents do happen, but with knowledge of existing problems resources can be allocated to improve safety.

The Northland Regional Council installs and maintains the 'Aids to Navigation' (buoys, beacons and lights) in the region, and these are provided where they are most needed.

We also provide safety signage and information booklets, and work with other regions and nationally towards improving safety on the water.

Future planning is based on the information we have so please assist by sending in an accident report form.

Notifiable accidents include:

  • Collision, sinking, grounding, stranding, injury to any person, damage to vessel or property, or:
  • Any incident that may effect safe navigation, give rise to danger to other person, vessel or property.

Notification can also be made at any NRC office.

Immediate notification can be made by calling the 24 hr hotline 0800 504 639

For further information

Refer to the Northland Regional Council Navigation Safety Bylaw 2017 section 2.10

Phone 0800 002 004 and ask to speak to a member of the maritime team.