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When your application arrives at the regional council it is checked to make sure all the forms are completed and the correct fee/deposit has been paid. It is then passed on to a technical officer who will study the proposal to see if there is enough information to enable the application to be processed. If necessary, you will be asked for further information.

Once the necessary information is supplied, a decision will be made on whether your application should be notified or not.

Publicly notified applications

A publicly notified application is advertised for submissions from the public. If your proposed activity could have significant effects on the environment or on people living in the area and other users of the resource, your application will be publicly notified.

It will be advertised in local newspapers, and in many cases the physical site will be signposted. This process ensures that people who may be affected by your proposed activity have the opportunity to take part in the decision-making process by making a submission on your application.

Limited notification

If your activity has relatively localised effects but you are unable to obtain the written approval of all the affected persons then only these people will be given an opportunity to lodge a submission on your application.

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