All staff hui

Friday 28 August 10:30 am to 11:00 am

By now you should all have saved the date in your calendars for our first all staff 'hybrid hui'. Here’s what to expect on Friday 28 August 10.30 am:

What to expect:

  • Welcome and karakia timatanga
  • Intro – MC Ange (Angela Nicol, Communications Specialist)


Guest speakers:

  • Jonathan Gibbard - On the changing landscape at NRC: what lies ahead and what might it mean for us? Updates on large projects and Central Government funding.
  • Kyla Carlier - On where we’re at with LTP: how have we been engaging with the community; what do initial insights tell us; what next?
  • Curtis Harris - Biosecurity Hygiene Hero: Biosecurity hygiene policy: what is it; why’s it important, what people need to do; who to get in touch with for information and advice.
  • Ask ELT - ELT members will be on hand to tackle your questions. Submit your question here.

Throughout, we’ll showcase what we’ve been doing in the last quarter, upcoming events and an update on staff – who’s new? Who’s moved?

We’ll close the hui with a karakia whakamutunga.

See you then!

Why a hybrid hui?

We took on board the feedback about our traditional face-to-face hui for NRC. While we’re still going ahead with the end of year one, we’ve got something special planned as a shorter, more accessible way to have regular all staff hui throughout the year. We’re always looking for the opportunity in the challenge and while 2020 was certainly challenging, it gave us an idea. What if we use the technology we all adopted during lockdown to get us together even if we’re not in the same room? Teams still allows us to collaborate, mentor and share to achieve more together so we’re using it to bring the all staff hui to you!

While our karakia, presentations and our updates will be delivered via Teams, we encourage you all to get together in small groups if you can. Book a room, stream the hui and watch it together. We’d like to encourage you to mix and mingle with other groups, a great chance to get to know each other and keep our whanaungatanga strong. If you’re working from home, tune in and watch from the comfort of your home office or if you’re just watching it at your desk, that’s fine too!



Do you have a burning question for ELT that you think everyone wants to know the answer to? Now is your chance to ask it! ELT members will be on hand to tackle your questions and they’ll have 60 seconds to do so. Submit your question here.