Pea Daphne, Large leaf bush pea or Australian bush pea
Fabaceae - Pultenaea daphnoides

What does it look like?

A medium-sized shrub, growing between one and three metres high. Its leaves are cuneate (wedge-shaped) with a narrow base, 5-40 mm in length and 2-11 mm in width. The pea flowers, which appear in dense terminal heads in spring and summer, are yellow with red markings. The pods which follow are flattened and 5-7 mm long. Prefers dry, slightly shaded and sheltered positions.

Why is it a problem?

Bush pea is an environmental weed that invades the habitat of many of our forest border natives.

Control Methods

Physical control

  • Pull out seedlings and small plants.  Can allow to dry out and rot on site

Herbicide control

  • Cut and stump treat with glyphosate gel or metgel or 250ml glyphosate per 1L water.
  • Spray with 5g metsulfuron- methyl (600g/kg) +penetrant per 10L water. Take care as this herbicide can translocate in the soil.

CAUTION: When using any herbicide or pesticide, PLEASE READ THE LABEL THOROUGHLY to ensure that all instructions and safety requirements are followed. 

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