Bat-wing passion flower
Passifloraceae - Passiflora apetalar

What does it look like?

Batwing passion flower is an invasive, shade-tolerant vine. It has distinctive batwing shaped leaves that may have a pale green stripe along the midrib, or it can be plain dark green. It often has a sheen to it (particularly with maturing juveniles and adult plants). Younger plants are more matte.

Batwing has small yellow or light-green coloured flowers (7-12mm diameter) which are without petals. It produces small berries (7-15mm in diameter), which start out green and mature to black.

As batwing is shade-tolerant, it can grow in a range of locations. It has been found in regenerating native forest and scrub, home gardens and among hedges and fence lines.

Why is it a problem?

Batwing can grow high into the canopy of tall trees. It has the ability to smother, shade and strangle the vegetation it grows on.

Batwing also produces large numbers of fruit, with each fruit containing around 20 seeds; even unripe fruit can produce viable seeds. Many hundreds of seedlings have been found under some plants. It can also grow from stems that touch the ground or from plant fragments.

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