Check, Clean, Dry to protect our waterways

Northland's freshwater environments provide important habitat for native birds, fish, invertebrates and a wide range of aquatic and wetland plants. Many of these species are threatened or vulnerable and rely on healthy lakes, rivers and streams that are largely unaffected by freshwater pests and land-use impacts.

If you are moving between waterways you can help to reduce the spread of freshwater pests by using the 'Check, Clean, Dry' method:

  • CHECK equipment and remove any obvious debris
  • Thoroughly CLEAN all equipment that had been in contact with the water
  • DRY equipment thoroughly and then wait for at least 48 hours

Go to more information about Check, Clean, Dry on the Ministry for Primary Industries website

Download 'How to Check, Clean, Dry - a pocket guide' from the Ministry for Primary Industries website


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