Sustainable business

There has been an increasing awareness over the last few years about the need for society to move towards operating on a sustainable basis. As a business, there are many things you can do to lessen your impact on the environment.

What is cleaner production?

Cleaner production means:

  • using energy, water and material resources efficiently
  • avoiding or reducing waste and pollution
  • producing environmentally sound products and services
  • achieving lower costs and higher profits
  • ensuring health and safety

The goal is to reduce the adverse impacts of business activities on the environment.

Cleaner production can be adopted by large and small companies, for example by:

  • improving energy efficiency
  • conserving and reusing water
  • choosing better technology
  • substituting hazardous substances
  • reducing wastes

Many cleaner production initiatives cost little or nothing to put in place. Cleaner production changes may already have been introduced by companies as ‘common sense’ or ‘good housekeeping’. Ideas come easiest and are most straightforward to implement when all staff are involved in a cleaner production project from the start.

How can we help?

We can help all types and sizes of businesses and industries set up and running cleaner production programmes.

Please contact our Waste Management Team at the Regional Council on 0800 0020 004 for further information or to arrange a site visit.

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