Te Rārangi Wā

We’re seeking feedback on the draft Freshwater Plan Change until 31 March 2024. After that, we’ll go through the feedback and consider changes we might need to make.

The next version of the plan will be the proposed Freshwater Plan Change. The proposed plan will reflect public feedback on the draft plan. We’ll release (notify) it for public submissions to give our community the chance to tell us whether we’ve got the changes right.

Following the change in government in October 2023, the deadline for council to notify the proposed plan was extended to 2027.

You’ll be able to make a formal submission when we notify the proposed plan and present your views to an independent Freshwater Hearing Panel.

Council will consider the recommendations from the Hearing Panel and decide whether to adopt the Freshwater Plan Change.

Freshwater Plan Change timeline

  • 2020-2023
    Engagement with tāngata whenua, key stakeholders, and the community; development of the draft Freshwater Plan Change.
  • 1 November 2023 - 31 March 2024
    Have your say on the draft Freshwater Plan Change.
  • December 2027
    Deadline for council to release (notify) proposed Freshwater Plan Change. Submissions will be heard by the Freshwater Hearing Panel, which will make recommendations on content to council. Following this, council will decide whether to adopt the recommendations.