Kaihū River Management Plan

The Kaihū River Management Plan deals with the management of the Kaihū River System with the goal of reducing the risks associated with flooding. 

River management includes flood hazard identification, options to reduce flood hazards, catchment sustainability and emergency management.

Interim Kaihū River Management Plan

The Interim Kaihū River Management Plan 2006 has been revised by council in conjunction with the Kaihū River Flood Management Scheme Liaison Committee.

The Plan is non-statutory, which means that it contains no regulations such as the rules you will find in district or regional planning documents.

Find the Interim Kaihū River Management Plan (October 2006)


Draft Revised Kaihū River Management Plan

View the Draft Revised Kaihū River Management Plan (PDF, 1 MB)


The regional council is working with the Kaihū River Management Liaison Committee to investigate options for reducing flood risk in the Kaihū River valley, from flooding of the Kaihū River. 

This work is part of council’s Priority Rivers Project and was initiated in 2008, following the direction described in the Interim Kaihū River Management Plan.

The investigations have assessed the impact of stopbanks, spoil heaps and the railway embankment, the role of ponding areas and the general flood flow dynamics in the Kaihū River valley.  Extensive surveying, both conventional and LiDAR has been undertaken and a computer model of the river hydrology and hydraulics developed and calibrated. A number of reports have been generated form these investigations and are outlined in the following reports.


Kaihū Flood Control Scheme Investigation Stages 

Stages 1 and 2 (November 2008)

  • Hydraulic & hydrologic model build
  • Base case flooding conditions for 2, 5, 10 & 100 year ARI

Stage 3a (May 2009)

  • Initial model used to assess; widening the lower river and affects of stopbanking on flood water distribution and duration

Stage 3b (September 2009)

  • Questions relating to alignment of the Kaihū outlet on the Northern Wairoa River

Scheme Concept (June 2009)

  • Presenting the proposed ‘spillway’ river scheme concept to ratepayers

Stage 3c (April and October 2010)

  • Hydraulic and hydrologic models refined
  • Preliminary flood scheme design and cost estimations commenced for the proposed ‘spillway’ river scheme