Awanui River Flood Management Plan

Northland regional council adopted the Awanui River Flood Management Plan in 2005 and has been is working hard to implement its recommendations.

To reduce flood risk in the Awanui catchment, the regional council has worked with our partners to:

  • complete major improvements to way in which the Whangatane Spillway operates, by modifying the Whangatane Spillway intake weir from a broad crested weir to a "split level modified v-notch weir" to allow drainage of early and late flood water but limiting the peak flows to the status-quo peak flow;
  • opening up the 'Choke' in Matthew's Park, Kaitaia, to ensure it has sufficient flood flow capacity and prevent it from becoming easily blocked;
  • enhance channel capacity in the lower section of the Awanui river;
  • increase channel maintenance, including erosion control and topping up of stopbanks;
  • recondition and replacing flood gates; and
  • strengthen policies to limit the flood risk from future developments.

We have extensively consulted the Awanui River Working Group on all aspects of the management of the Awanui River and more recently on a number of options to improve equity across our ratings structure. We now have a preferred option that we are consulting on in our annual plan process.

Central to effective flood risk management is a good understanding of where and how flooding happens. We are therefore working on a new region wide land elevation mapping project (using LiDAR from an aeroplane) to enable us to improve our flood maps.

We will continue to carry out work to reduce flood risk. To ensure that we do this in a logical and coordinated way we plan to update the Awanui River Management Plan to include this approach.

View the Awanui River Flood Management Plan (August 2005)

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