Hill country farm plans

Hill country farm plans are individualised plans for landowners, used to identify on-farm opportunities that could reduce any negative impacts that erosion and land use may be having on the environment.

Land management advisors and landowners work together to produce a farm plan tailored to the property and its resources. The specific content of each plan will vary, but generally a hill country farm plan will include:

  • Description of soils located across your property
  • Land use capability map and information relating to land use capability units found across your property
  • Aerial map of your property
  • Short report identifying on-farm opportunities specific to your property

The process is simple and works best if the landowner and land management advisor look over the property together to talk about ideas and options informally before a short report tailored specific to your property is prepared.

Example hill country farm plan

Example hill country farm plan.

Environment Fund

Funding through the regional council’s Environment Fund is available for a range of environmental projects, including fencing for land retirement and stock exclusion from waterways.

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