Farm environment plans

Farm environment plans

Would you like to improve water quality on your property?

Freshwater on your property is part of a greater catchment system, which carries accumulated contaminants all the way to our coast, harbours and estuaries. Any sediment, bacteria or nutrients reaching waterways on your property may well be carried beyond your boundary.

There are many ways that you can improve the quality of water in streams, drains, wetlands and seeps on your property. Farm environment plans offer free, no-obligation advice specific to your property.

Example map: Farm water quality improvement plan. Example map of a farm environment plan.

What is in a farm environment plan?

The content of plans may vary, depending on the property involved. However, generally a plan includes:

- A description of soil resources on the property;

- An aerial map of the property, showing resources and suggested water quality improvement actions; and

- A short report with photos identifying suggested actions, prioritised for greatest water quality benefits.





Video - How a farm environment plan can benefit landowners

How do you get a farm environment plan?

Simply call the Northland Regional Council and ask to speak with one of our land management team to arrange a visit to your property.


The work suggested in the plan can often be partly funded by the council's Environment Fund.

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