Awanui catchment - water shortage direction

Awanui catchment

The Awanui catchment water shortage direction was re-issued Tuesday, 3 March 2020.

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Awanui catchment map.

This Water Shortage Direction (WSD) does not include:

  • The taking of water for the supply of Kaitāia town (a separate WSD is in place for Far North District Council (FNDC) to manage those on reticulated town supply).

The WSD applies to

  • All taking of water in the Awanui River catchment.

Water can be taken during the term of the notice for:

  • Reasonable household domestic needs
  • Reasonable drinking and welfare needs of stock.

Water cannot be taken for:

  • Pasture and lawn irrigation
  • Garden watering by hose, irrigation systems or other means unless the water is reused/recycled domestic water (e.g. from kitchen sinks and washing machines)
  • Washing of cars and other vehicles and machinery, including boats
  • Water blasting
  • Filling of swimming pools/spa pools.

The Water Shortage Direction may not apply to:

  • Those taking water for milking shed and horticultural use. NRC is endeavouring to speak with all of these people - if you are taking water for these purposes and you haven’t been contacted by NRC, please phone 0800 002 004 and ask to speak with a staff member from the council’s monitoring team.
  • Land based dams - those that aren’t fed by streams or require continuation flows to be maintained downstream.
  • Water used for biosecurity purposes, e.g. to prevent the spread of Kauri dieback.