Water restrictions

Despite recent rainfall, Northland is still suffering the effects of last summer’s drought and many areas have recorded less winter rainfall than normal.

Conservation is still strongly advised, so please use water wisely.

For regular updates on any water restrictions in your area, visit: bewaterwise.org.nz

River and rainfall data

Data from our automated river level and rainfall monitoring systems is published on our website approximately every two hours: www.nrc.govt.nz/environmentaldata

How you can help

We need you to save any water you can! (Whether you have rainwater tanks or are on town water supply). All water saved now will help the region get through in drier times.

Water saving tips are available at: bewaterwise.org.nz

Northland’s drought response

Northland’s regional response to dry conditions is an absolute priority for the regional council which supports district councils in their efforts to manage the situation.

As part of our drought response, our hydrology team steps-up its monitoring to gauge flow rates in critical rivers and streams. This vital information is provided to district councils to help them make decisions about their public water supplies.

We analyse district councils’ daily water use to help us make our own important decisions, such as issuing ‘water shortage directions’. These allow district councils to legally keep taking the most urgently-needed water but impose extra requirements to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

We also take part in a multi-council campaigns to raise awareness of Northland’s exceptionally dry weather and the need for both locals and visitors to heed water restrictions.

In addition, the Northland Civil Defence Emergency Management Group works with all four councils, emergency services, Northland DHB, the Rural Support Trust, welfare agencies, Government departments and other stakeholders to co-ordinate a region-wide response to the effects of drought.