Whangarei Harbour Marina Management Trust

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Whangarei Harbour Marina Management Trust


Within the Hātea River, adjacent to confluence of Hātea River and Limeburners Creek, Whangārei. Road access is from Port Road, Whangārei.

Activity description

To establish and operate a maximum 130 berth marina development in the Hātea River located adjacent to Port Road between Te Matau ā Pohe bridge and Limeburners Creek.

The marina development includes a 4550 square metre reclamation to accommodate a marina building (containing office and ablutions), parking area, and public access; Marina structures and associated utilities; Exclusive occupation of the coastal marine area; Hard protection structures including rock retaining walls along the eastern side of the marina basin and adjacent to existing boatshed to the south and a rock armoured batter slope along the northern edge adjacent to bridge; Capital and maintenance dredging to provide for the construction and maintenance of the proposed marina basin and batter slopes; and Mangrove removal from within the footprint of the reclamation and the marina basin.

The application also seeks consents for the following activities: Incidental discharges associated with dredging, dredge spoil disposal and other activities that disturb the foreshore and seabed; Diversion and discharge of storm water and decant water from the reclamation during its construction and ongoing operation; Land-based disposal of dredge spoil on the Bell Block adjacent to Kissing Point Marina; and discharge of contaminants (leachate) to land from the deposition of dredge spoil.

The proposal provides for a formed public access along the eastern edge of the reclamation as a link with the existing Hātea Loop walkway.

Consents required from Northland Regional Council

APP.039825.01.01 – Reclaim 4550m2 of the coastal marine area.

APP.039825.02.01 – Place, use and occupy space in the coastal marine area with a marina development (including piers, finger piers, piles and associated vessel berths; access ramps; Utility services including electricity and water on the marina structures and a sewage pump-out facility).

APP.039825.03.01 – Occupy part of the coastal marine area to the exclusion of others.

APP.039825.04.01 – Place use and occupy space in the coastal marine area and on land with hard protection structures.

APP.039825.05.01 – Capital dredging in the coastal marine area to establish a marina basin.

APP.039825.06.01 – Deposit dredge spoil in the coastal marine area to form a reclamation.

APP.039825.07.01 – Maintenance dredging of a marina basin.

APP.039825.801 – Remove mangroves from the coastal marine area

APP.039825.09.01 – Incidental discharges to the Hātea River associated with disturbance of the seabed due to dredging, mangrove removal and the transport and transfer of dredged spoil.

APP.039825.10.01 – Divert and discharge stormwater, and dredge spoil decant water, from a reclamation.

APP.039825.11.01 – Deposit dredged spoil to land at an existing dredging disposal site known as “the Bell Block”.

APP.039825.12.01 – Discharge contaminants (leachate) to land from deposition of dredge spoil.

Consents required from Whangarei District Council

LU1800032 – Land Use Consent for Marina activities on the proposed reclamation.

Application reference numbers

Northland Regional Council - APP.039825.01.01
Whangarei District Council - LU1800032

Application documents

Staff report


Applicant's Evidence for Pre-Circulation

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