Philip Thornton and Graham Collie

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Philip Thornton and Graham Collie

Applicant's email

Address for service

Attention: Owen Burn
Green Group
PO Box 105153
Auckland 1142


Waipohutukawa Bay, Bay of Islands

Activity description

The application seeks resource consents for a proposed boardwalk and jetty facility development to serve two adjoining residential holiday properties located in Waipohutukawa Bay, Bay of Islands.

The proposal seeks authorisation for an extension to an existing hard protection structure and a new section of hard protection structure (rock revetment). The proposed piled boardwalk and jetty facility includes a piled timber boardwalk and jetty, a gangway, three floating pontoons, a wave attenuation device, mooring piles and 'seaflex' anchoring system. Capital and maintenance dredging is proposed to form approaches to the jetty facility and all-tide vessel berths.


Place and use space on land with hard protection structures.

Place and occupy space in the coastal marine area with a boardwalk and jetty facility (including board walk, fixed jetty, gangway, pontoons, mooring piles, 'seaflex' mooring system and a wave attenuation device).

Capital dredging to form an approach channel (including batter slopes) to, and berths at, a jetty facility.

Maintenance dredging of an approach channel and vessel berths.

Type of consent

Land Use Consent and Coastal Permits

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