Limited Notification - Motutangi-Waiharara Water Users Group (MWWUG)

Submissions on this resource consent application have CLOSED.  

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Limited Notification of 17 applications for resource consent from the Motutangi-Waiharara Water Users Group (MWWUG).

Please note that the general public and other interested persons cannot make a submission on these applications, as they have been limited notified only. 

The persons who can make a submission on these applications are property owners and occupiers within the Houhora, Motutangi and Waiharara areas who have an existing water take from either a bore or surface water body.   

These persons should have received a limited notification letter from the council advising them that they are considered to be an affected person by these applications.


Motutangi-Waiharara Water Users Group (MWWUG)

Resource Consent Application REQ. 581172

Address for service

Jon Williamson
Williamson Water Advisory
PO Box 314
Kumeu 0841

Applicant's email


Houhora, Motutangi, And Waiharara


17 Groundwater Takes For Horticultural Irrigation

Processing Officer

Angela Stride
DDI 09 470 1103
Freephone 0800 002 004


Hearing timetable

Staff report

Application documents

Applicant's Evidence for Pre-Circulation

Submitters' Evidence for Pre-Circulation

Documents Tabled at the Hearing

Additional Reports

Updated GCMP and Proposed Conditions

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