Far North District Council - Opononi Wastewater Treatment Plant

*Commencement time for Wednesday, 17 May will be 9:00am.

Hearing - 15-19 May 2023, Rawene Town Hall located at 9 Parnell Street, Rawene 0473, commencing at 9:30am.


Far North District Council

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Opononi, Hokianga Harbour

Activity description

Renewal of the resource consents for the continued operation of the Opononi Wastewater Treatment Plant located on Lot 1 DP 110735 and Lot 1 DP 167208 (Baker Road, Opononi), that services the townships of Opononi and Omapere, Hokianga, and the existing connections that are outside these townships.

The following consents are required:

  • To discharge treated wastewater into the coastal marine area of the Hokianga Harbour.
  • To discharge treated wastewater to land (seepage) from the base of a wastewater treatment system.
  • To discharge contaminants (primarily odour) to air from the operation of the wastewater treatment system.
  • To occupy and use the bed of the Hokianga Harbour for an existing wastewater discharge pipeline structure.


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