Douglas Craig Schmuck

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Douglas Craig Schmuck

Activity description

The application seeks new resource consents and early replacement of existing resource consents for activities associated with Doug's Opua Boat Yard in Walls Bay, Opua.

Replacement consents have been sought for the existing structures (including a jetty facility, slipway, a dinghy ramp, a workboat mooring and dinghy pull, timber and stone seawalls), the discharge of contaminants to coastal marine area (CMA), discharges to land and air associated with vessel maintenance activities, stormwater discharges, maintenance dredging, exclusive occupation and use of the CMA and use of the structures for vessel maintenance and chartering activities.

New resource consents are sought for activities associated with the proposed upgrade of the boat yard facilities including demolition and reconstruction of the jetty facility, the placement of two mudcrete grids, refurbishment of the slipway and use of two of the jetty facility berths as a marina. Consents are also sought for placement of a new 40 metre length of seawall, and disturbance of the foreshore during demolition and construction activities and beach rehabilitation. New capital and maintenance dredging is proposed to form five all-tide vessel berths and an approach channel to the jetty facility and slipway.


  1. Place and occupy space in the coastal marine area with a reconstructed jetty facility (including fixed jetty, gangway pontoon and piles and two mudcrete grids, signage and hoardings).
  2. Place use and occupy space in the CMA with a refurbished slipway, turning block and associated cabling.
  3. Occupy space in the coastal marine area associated with a jetty facility and slipway to the exclusion of others.
  4. Use the slipway and jetty facility structures and three work berth areas for purposes of vessel maintenance and chartering and two berths associated with the jetty facility pontoon as a marina.
  5. Place use and occupy space in the coastal marine area with a new seawall and existing seawalls (inclusive of existing reclamation associated with the existing seawall).
  6. Use and occupy space in the coastal marine area with a dinghy ramp.
  7. Use and occupy space in the coastal marine area with storm water culverts
  8. Use and occupy space with a workboat mooring and associated dinghy pull.
  9. Disturb the foreshore and seabed during demolition and removal of unwanted structures, jetty reconstruction and slipway refurbishment, seawall construction, and during beach refurbishment activities.
  10. Capital dredging to form five all-tide berths alongside the jetty facility and an approach channel (and batters) to the jetty facility and slipway.
  11. Maintenance dredging to maintain vessel berths, and approach channel and batters to the slipway and jetty facility.
  12. Discharge vessel wash down water to the coastal marine area.
  13. Discharge contaminants to air in the coastal marine area from vessel maintenance activities.
  14. Discharge contaminants to air from vessel maintenance activities.
  15. Discharge contaminants to land from vessel maintenance activities.
  16. Discharge stormwater to an unnamed tributary of the Veronica Channel.
  17. Discharge stormwater to the coastal marine area.

Type of consent

Coastal Permits, Coastal Discharge, Discharges to air, Discharge to land, Storm water Discharges

Application number


Application documents

Hard copies of the application documents may be inspected at the Northland Regional Council's offices at Whangarei, Opua and Waipapa.

Please note the large file size of some of these documents 

Staff Report


Applicant's Evidence for Pre-Circulation

In accordance with the instructions of Minute No. 1, please find below two plans provided by the applicant for pre-circulation.  An explanation of the plans is provided below.

  • Total Marine plan 0155-0504-0007 Rev G, dated 2/05/18, which replicates the Discharge Boundaries as shown on NRC 4804/4 but is drawn to scale and correctly identifies the location of the relevant areas/facilities.
    Plan - discharge boundaries 02 -05-18
    (PDF, 180KB)
  • Total Marine plan 0155-0504-0006 Rev G, dated 2/05/18, showing the Shellfish Bed sub-surface erosion barrier.
    Plan - shellfish bed erosion barrier 02-05-18
    (PDF, 145KB)

Submitter's Evidence for Pre-Circulation

Documents Tabled at the Hearing

Documents Tabled at the Reconvened Hearing