Mangawhai Historic Wharf Trust

Report and Decision of the Hearing Commissioners - application lodged by Mangawhai Historic Wharf Trust (PDF, 442 KB)

The following application for a resource consent was received by the Northland Regional Council and was publicly notified pursuant to section 95A of the Resource Management Act 1991.


Mangawhai Historic Wharf Trust

Address for service

C/O Colin Leach
35 Cheviot Street
Mangawhai Heads
Mangawhai 0505

Applicant's email

[email protected]


Mangawhai Estuary, Moir Street, Mangawhai Village


The application seeks resource consents for a proposed wharf facility in the coastal marine area of the Mangawhai Estuary at the end of Moir Street, Mangawhai.

The proposed wharf facility will consist of a piled timber wharf structure that will extend 101 metres (m) into the coastal marine area. An elevated 3 m wide walkway, 90 m in length, leads to the head of the wharf, which will have dimensions of 10.9 m long and 12 m wide. A building with dimensions of 7 m by 6 m by 3.1 m high at its apex is proposed to be constructed on the wharf head. A gangway 14 m long will extend from the head of the wharf to a 12 m by 4 m floating concrete pontoon secured in position by 4 piles. The proposed wharf facility is to reinstate the historic Mangawhai Wharf that was built in the 1880s and demolished in the 1950s.

Types of consent

Coastal Permits

Resource Consent Application APP.040213.01.01

APP.040213.01: Place and use space in the coastal marine area with a wharf facility (inclusive of a wharf, a building, gangway and pontoon and piles).

APP.040213.02: Disturb foreshore in the coastal marine area during construction and maintenance of a wharf facility.

The application includes an assessment of environmental effects. The application may be viewed during office hours at the Kaipara District Council’s office at The Hub, 6 Molesworth Drive, Mangawhai.

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