Housing New Zealand Corporation

Submissions on this consent application CLOSED 6 June 2019.


Housing New Zealand Corporation


67-87 Puriri Park Road, Whangārei

Address for service

Barker & Associates
PO Box 37
Whangārei 0140
ATTN: David Badham

Applicant's email

David Badham - davidb@barker.co.nz

Activity description

To carry out a subdivision, and to build a 37-unit housing development on a property at 67-87 Puriri Park Road, Whangārei. The application to the NRC is for consents to undertake earthworks over an area of approximately 15,467 square metres and the associated diversion and discharge of stormwater from the earthworks activities.

Consents required from the Northland Regional Council

APP.040901.01.01 Undertake earthworks over an area of approximately 15,467 square metres.
APP.040901.02.01 Diversion of stormwater from earthworks activities.
APP.040901.03.01 Discharge of stormwater to land from earthworks activities.

Application reference number for Northland Regional Council


Processing Officer

Geoff Heaps - email geoffh@nrc.govt.nz
Phone: 09 470 1200
Freephone: 0800 002 004

Application documents

The application includes an assessment of environmental effects and supporting technical documents, which can be viewed below.  The application may also be inspected at the Northland Regional Council office at 36 Water Street, Whangārei.

Go to the Whangarei District Council's website to view the consents required from Whangarei District Council.