Far North District Council - Opononi Wastewater Treatment Plant

The following application for a resource consent has been received by the Northland Regional Council and is publicly notified pursuant to section 95A of the Resource Management Act 1991.

Public notice


Far North District Council

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Private Bag 752
Kaikohe 0440
[email protected]

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Opononi, Hokianga Harbour

Activity description

Renewal of the resource consents for the continued operation of the Opononi Wastewater Treatment Plant located on Lot 1 DP 110735 and Lot 1 DP 167208 (Baker Road, Opononi), that services the townships of Opononi and Omapere, Hokianga, and the existing connections that are outside these townships.

The following consents are required:

  • To discharge treated wastewater into the coastal marine area of the Hokianga Harbour.
  • To discharge treated wastewater to land (seepage) from the base of a wastewater treatment system.
  • To discharge contaminants (primarily odour) to air from the operation of the wastewater treatment system.
  • To occupy and use the bed of the Hokianga Harbour for an existing wastewater discharge pipeline structure.

The application includes an assessment of environmental effects. The application may be downloaded below, or viewed during office hours at the Regional Council’s offices at Waipapa and Whangārei; the Far North District Council’s offices at Rawene and Kaikohe; and at the Hokianga i-Site.

Any person may make a written or electronic submission on this application. The submission must be in the prescribed form (Form 13). Electronic copies of this form are available below and on request.

If you wish to make a submission on the above application, you must do so by serving it on the Northland Regional Council on or before Wednesday, 15 December 2021. There are two ways in which you may serve your submission (Note: the date that you complete either of these actions is the date that you are deemed to have ‘served’ your submission and this must be done on or before Wednesday, 15 December 2021):

(1) You may post your submission to Private Bag 9021, Whangārei Mail Centre, Whangārei 0148; or
(2) You may e-mail your submission to [email protected]

You must serve a copy of your submission on the applicant (at either the applicant’s address for service or email address stated above) as soon as reasonably practicable after serving your submission on the Northland Regional Council.

If you require further explanation of this application or further information before deciding whether or not to make a submission , please do not hesitate to contact Stuart Savill at [email protected], or free phone 0800 002 004.


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