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Business continuity workshops

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Good planning ahead of time may save your business in an adverse event. Business continuity planning is about ensuring your organisation is able to recover and continue functioning in the event of a disaster or extended period of disruption. Disruption could be caused by a storm, fire or natural disaster, loss of telecommunications or power supply, or being unable to access your premises.

The Covid19 response was unprecedented and affected all businesses. There have certainly been a number of learnings that can be applied to any adverse event, however each event is different and may require different planning.

The Northland Civil Defence Emergency Management Group provide free Business Continuity half-day workshops for small business owners and operators around Northland.

A Northland specific workbook can help guide business owners and operators through much of the planning process. Presented in simple English, the workshops are designed to help you create a plan for your business to respond and recover from an adverse event.

All attendees receive a complimentary satchel and booklet and the areas covered in the workshop include:

  • What is a Business Continuity Plan?
  • What are the most likely risks to Northland?
  • Case studies and learning from business impacted by adverse events
  • Simple, back to basics template and assistance to undertake an individual BCP.

There is no cost to participants; however places are limited to 22 per workshop.

Workshops take place regularly in most Northland towns, so to register your interest for future workshops or for any queries contact:

Kim Abbott, CDEM Officer
Northland Regional Council
Email: [email protected]
Freephone: 0800 002 004

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