Northland Civil Defence Emergency Management Plan

The Northland Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) Group has prepared this plan to demonstrate how CDEM will be delivered in the region from 2016 - 2025.

CEG/CDEM Group and key appointments

Membership of the Northland Civil Defence Emergency Management Group:

  • Cr Rick Stolwerk (NRC)
  • Mayor Sheryl Mai (WDC)
  • Cr Colin Kitchen (FNDC)
  • Cr J Larsen (KDC)
  • Mr Kerry Gregory, Assistant National Commander (NZ Fire Service)
  • Superintendent Russell Le Prou (NZ Police)
  • Mr John Titmus (MCDEM) in observer role

Membership of the Coordinating Executive Group:

  • Ms Jacqui Robson (FNDC)
  • Mr Tony Phipps (NRC)
  • Mr Simon Weston (WDC)
  • Mr John Burt (KDC)
  • Inspector Martyn Ruth (NZ Police)
  • Mr Allan Kerrisk (NZ Fire Service)
  • Mr Mark Goodman (Northland Health)
  • Mr Tony Devanney (St John Ambulance)
  • Mr John Titmus (MCDEM)
  • Dr Clair Mills (Medical Officer of Health)
  • Dr Virginia McLaughlin (Medical Officer of Health).
  • Mr Myles Taylor (Northern Region Rural Fire Authority)
  • Mr Russell Watson (Northland Lifelines Group)
  • Department of Conservation (appointment to be advised)
  • Mrs Claire Nyberg (Northland Welfare Advisory Group)

Group Controllers:

  • Graeme MacDonald
  • Tony Phipps
  • Claire Nyberg

Local Controllers of the Whangarei District:

  • Jude Thompson
  • Simon Weston
  • Victoria Randall
  • Paul Dell

Local Controller for the Kaipara District:

  • John Burt

Local Controllers for the Far North District:

  • Alistair Wells
  • Ken Ross

Group Welfare Managers:

  • Claire Nyberg
  • Kim Abbott
  • Shona Morgan

Local Welfare Managers:

  • Raewyn Smythe (FNDC)
  • Kylie Cox (FNDC)
  • Aya Morris (FNDC)
  • Paula Urlich (WDC)
  • Cindy Velthuizen (WDC)
  • Darlene Lang (KDC)
  • Michelle Nepia (KDC)

Group Recovery Manager:

  • Graeme MacDonald
  • Steve McDowell (on contract)

Local Recovery Managers:

  • Owen Thomas (WDC)
  • Malcolm Perry (WDC)
  • Janice Smith (FNDC)
  • John Burt (KDC)