Pseudosasa spp., Phyllostachys spp.
Poaceae - Bambusa spp.

What does it look like?

Bamboo is the common name of various species of tubular grass introduced to New Zealand from East Asia. They are tall and erect with smooth stems. Leaf-blades are lanceolate, alternating and have numerous ribs.

Why is it a problem?

Rapidly crowds out other plants as it forms dense stands.

Control Methods

  1. Cut off 2 stems per m2 below node and fill tube with undiluted glyphosate
  2. Cut off and spray regrowth with gallant 150ml / 10litres + penetrant or with 300mL Amitrole per 10L water or 3L amitrole per 100L water
  3. Cut off all stems and spray stumps with 1:3 glyphosate: water