Large leaf bush pea
Fabaceae - Pultenaea daphnoides

What does it look like?

A medium-sized shrub, growing between one and three metres high. Its leaves are cuneate (wedge-shaped) with a narrow base, 5-40 mm in length and 2-11 mm in width. The pea flowers, which appear in dense terminal heads in spring and summer, are yellow with red markings. The pods which follow are flattened and 5-7 mm long.

 It prefers dry, slightly shaded and sheltered positions.


Why is it a problem?

Bush pea is an environmental weed that invades the habitat of many of our forest border natives. Its population has reached the point at which it is growing rapidly and expanding its area

Control Methods

Please contact the Northland Regional Council on 0800 002 004 if you think you have seen this pest.


Options for control include:


Hand pulling of smaller plants is combined with chemical treatments for the infested areas.



The most effective treatment of this plant is Grazon 6ml of active ingredient per 10ml of water plus a penetrant 


Glyphosate at 1% (10ml/10l) plus organosilicane penetrant (less effective).

or for very large infestations;

30ml Tordon Brushkiller to 10litres of water. 

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