Myrtle rust

Myrtle rust is a serious fungal disease that affects plants in the myrtle family, which includes pohutukawa and manuka. In early May 2017 it was found in plants at a nursery in Northland, the first detection of the disease in mainland New Zealand. It is likely to affect some of our iconic native plants as well as commercially-grown species.

Myrtle rust is readily spread by wind and can be transported on clothing, vehicles and equipment.

Go to the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) website for more information and updates

New Zealand Plant Producers Incorporated (NZPPI) Risk Management Protocols

Plant producers and our industry partners have an essential part to play in being on the lookout for symptoms and early reporting to MPI.

The NZPPI have developed Myrtle Rust Risk Management Protocols for use by plant producers, production nurseries and garden retailers.

These protocols include a Plant Transport Protocol - procedures to minimise risk of myrtle rust being spread through plant transport.

Visit the NZPPI website to find the Myrtle Rust Risk Management Protocols

Download the NZPPI Plant Transport Protocol document (PDF, 595KB)

Myrtle rust on pohutukawa in Kerikeri. (Photo: NZPPI)Myrtle rust on pohutukawa in Kerikeri. (Photo: NZPPI website).