The New Zealand Refining Company Limited, Trading as Refining NZ

The Hearing Committee decision on The New Zealand Refining Company Limited's resource consent application is now available.


Resource Consent Application APP.037197.01.01 – Proposed Deepening and Realignment of Whangārei Harbour Entrance and Approaches.

The resource consent hearing was held - 26, 27, 28 February & 1, 2 March.

Due to the large file size of these application documents, each volume as been split into sections

Staff Report
s42A Staff Report PDF, 2.3MB
Addendum 1 - s42A Staff Report - Summary of submissions PDF, 203KB
Addendum 2 - s42A Report PDF, 513KB
S42A Addendum - 09-05-2018 PDF, 590KB
Volume One  
Volume One - Complete PDF, 4.9MB
Volume Two  
Volume Two - Part 1 PDF, 5.1MB
Volume Two - Part 2 PDF, 5.1MB
Volume Two - Part 3 PDF, 5.0MB
Volume Two - Part 4 PDF, 5.0MB
Volume Two - Part 5 PDF, 5.3MB
Volume Three  
Volume Three - Part 1 PDF, 4.4MB
Volume Three - Part 2 PDF, 5.0MB
Volume Three - Part 3 PDF, 5.0MB
Volume Three - Part 4 PDF, 3.2MB
Volume Three - Part 5 PDF, 5.1MB
Volume Three - Part 6 PDF, 4.9MB
Volume Three - Part 7 PDF, 5.0MB
Volume Three - Part 8 PDF, 5.0MB
Volume Three - Part 9 PDF, 5.1MB
Volume Three - Part 10 PDF, 5.0MB
Volume Three - Part 11 PDF, 2.1MB
Volume Four  
Volume Four - Part 1 PDF, 3.1MB
Volume Four - Part 2 PDF, 4.7MB
Volume Four - Part 3 PDF, 1.2MB
Volume Four - Part 4 PDF, 3.1MB
Volume Four - Part 5 PDF, 2.0MB
Volume Four - Part 6 PDF, 4.7MB
Volume Four - Part 7 PDF, 6.4MB
Volume Five  
Volume Five - Part 1 PDF, 5.0MB
Volume Five - Part 2 PDF, 5.0MB
Volume Five - Part 3 PDF, 5.0MB
Volume Five - Part 4 PDF, 5.0MB
Volume Five - Part 5 PDF, 4.8MB
Supplementary Information  
Refining NZ Crude Freight Proposal –
Tangata Whenua o Whangārei Te Rerenga Paraoa Cultural Effects Assessment
PDF, 3.5MB
CEA Peer Review Report Final PDF, 675KB
Applicants Evidence for Pre-Circulation  
Sjoerd Post evidence - company evidence - corporate overview PDF, 268KB
Dave Martin evidence - company evidence - project management  PDF, 787KB
Dave Martin evidence - Attach 1 (video of dredging - Refining NZ jetty dolphins MP4, 105MB
Greg McNeill evidence - company evidence - consultation PDF, 486KB
Justin Cross evidence - channel design and dredging - comp1  PDF, 453KB
Justin Cross evidence - channel design and dredging - comp2 PDF, 8.3MB
Justin Cross evidence - channel design and dredging - comp3 PDF, 1.5MB
Justin Cross evidence - channel design and dredging - comp4 PDF, 1.2MB
Dr Brett Beamsley evidence - numerical models and physical environmental effects PDF, 3.8MB
Richard Reinen-Hamill evidence - dredge disposal and coastal processes PDF, 400KB
Geraint Bermingham evidence - navigational safety PDF, 1.1MB
Kevin Oldham evidence - environmental spill risk PDF, 325KB
Stephen Brown evidence - landscape natural character and amenity PDF, 1.8MB
Dr Brian Coffey evidence - marine ecology PDF, 3.5MB
Dr Brian Stewart evidence - ecology peer review and turbidity PDF, 810KB
Dr Deanna Clement evidence - marine mammals PDF, 479KB
Graham Don evidence - avifauna PDF, 816KB
Jon Styles evidence - terrestrial noise PDF, 617KB
Rick Boyd evidence - commercial fishing PDF, 1.1MB
Rob Greenaway evidence - recreation and tourism PDF, 3.9MB
Dr Rod Clough evidence - historic heritage & archaeology PDF, 212KB
Peter Clough evidence - economic effects PDF, 352KB
Antoine Coffin evidence - cultural PDF, 781KB
Gavin Kemble evidence - planning PDF, 6.5MB
NIWA Peer Review Reports  
Review of Brian T Coffey and Associates Ltd PDF, 65KB
Scoping review - Coastal processes Dredging options - R Bell NIWA 2 May PDF, 480KB
Scoping review - Modelling Env effects - R Bell NIWA 4 May PDF, 480KB
Thompson Review of AEE Report Coastal Birds PDF, 129KB
Pre Application Peer Review Reports  
DNV - Peer Review of Navigatus Navigation Risk Assessment PDF, 99KB
Ryder - Ecology peer review PDF, 447KB
University of Auckland (Paul Kench) Peer Review of Coastal Processes Assessments PDF, 150KB
Submitters Evidence for Pre-Circulation  
D Milner Evidence - Final Report by Te Runanganuio Ngati Porou PDF, 3.1MB
D Milner Evidence - Marine Mammal Data - For Patuharakeke PDF, 66KB
D Milner Evidence - Poster-Tipping-Point Kokota Patuharakeke PDF, 4.2MB
D Milner Evidence - Report by Donna Flavell - Comp PDF, 902KB
D Milner Evidence - Report by Henare & Tuihau Pirihi Whanau Expert Supporting Submission 190218 PDF, 506KB
Patuharakeke Te Iwi Trust Board - Statement of Evidence by A Riwaka PDF, 303KB
Patuharakeke Te Iwi Trust Board - Statement of Evidence by D Badham PDF, 700KB
Patuharakeke Te Iwi Trust Board - Statement of Evidence by Dr Mead PDF, 1MB
Patuharakeke Te Iwi Trust Board - Statement of Evidence by Juliane Chetham PDF, 1.3MB
Statement of Evidence - Bream Head Conservation Trust PDF, 180KB
Statement of Evidence - Mere Kepa PDF, 97KB
Statement of Evidence - Reg Lawson PDF, 2.1MB
Summary Evidence - M Kepa PDF, 154KB
Joint Statement of Evidence  
Statement of Joint Evidence - G Kemble and G Mortimer PDF, 167KB
Summary of Evidence  
Antoine Coffin - evidence summary PDF, 265KB
Dave Martin - evidence summary PDF, 341KB
Dr Brett Beamsley - evidence summary PDF, 402KB
Dr Brian Coffey - evidence summary PDF, 260KB
Dr Brian Stewart - evidence summary PDF, 275KB
Dr Deanna Clement - evidence summary PDF, 259KB
Gavin Kemble - evidence summary PDF, 598KB
Graham Don - evidence summary PDF, 490KB
Greg McNeill - evidence summary PDF, 345KB
Justin Cross - evidence summary PDF, 254KB
Kevin Oldham - evidence summary PDF, 154KB
Peter Clough - evidence summary PDF, 330KB
Richard Reinen-Hamill - evidence summary

PDF, 355KB

Rick Boyd - evidence summary PDF, 258KB
Rob Greenaway - evidence summary PDF, 255KB
Sjoerd Post - evidence summary PDF, 339KB
Geraint Bermingham - RNZ CSP Evidence Summary PDF, 126KB
Rebuttal Evidence  
Antoine Coffin - Rebuttal evidence PDF, 149KB
Dr Brett Beamsley - Rebuttal evidence PDF, 435KB
Gavin Kemble - rebuttal evidence PDF, 213KB
Graham Don - rebuttal evidence PDF, 102KB
Richard Reinen-Hamill - rebuttal evidence PDF, 679KB
Stephen Brown - Rebuttal evidence PDF, 209KB
Additional reports  
A Non-Equilibrium Sediment Transport Model for Coastal Inlets and Navigation Channels PDF, 790KB
Investigation into the decline of pipi at Mair Bank Whangarei Harbour - 25 June 2014-2 PDF, 1.8MB
Characterizing wave and current induced bottom shear stress-US middle Atlantic continental shelf PDF, 1.5MB
Dr Brett Beamsley - Supplementary Evidence - Modelling Biogenic Armouring PDF, 158KB
Dr Brian Stewart - Supplementary Statement - Turbidity PDF, 750KB
Geomorphic change of an ebb-tidal delta - Morgan Kench Ford 2011 PDF, 663KB
Port of Tauranga 2012 NZHC2407 PDF, 302KB
Port of Tauranga initial EC decision PDF, 5.6MB
Report Final Moerman E 1158538 PDF, 3.7MB
Response from Applicant to Minute #7 PDF, 5.5MB
Review of NRC consents for dredging - Cawthron, 2015 PDF, 1.4MB
RNZ letter - Oil Spill Capability - Mr R Elliot PDF, 124KB
RNZ - Comments on Proposed Turbidity Monitoring by R Griffiths PDF, 123.KB
Verification and Validation of the Coastal Modelling System PDF, 2.7MB
Hearing - Minute No. 1 PDF, 129KB
Hearing - Minute No. 2 PDF, 101KB
Hearing - Minute No. 3 PDF, 562KB
Hearing - Minute No. 4 PDF, 108KB
Minute No. 5 PDF, 162KB
Minute No. 6 PDF, 199KB
Minute No. 7 PDF, 144KB