Your resource consent

A resource consent is an important legal document. It is important to read your resource consent as soon as you receive it. Please ask Northland Regional Council staff to clarify any points that you do not fully understand.

A resource consent may include conditions which control the way an activity is carried out. Those conditions are designed to maintain and protect Northland’s natural resources for other users, both now and in the future.

It is your responsibility as the consent holder to adhere to the conditions of the consent. If you do not follow the conditions you risk enforcement action by the regional council.

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The impact of the activity which is allowed by the consent will be monitored, either by the regional council or by you, the consent holder, or both. If you take responsibility for monitoring, you will be required to report the results to the regional council in accordance with the consent conditions. The regional council may also carry out independent tests. 

How long does a resource consent last?

Most resource consents include an expiry date. If you wish to continue the activity after the expiry date, you will need to apply for a new consent at least six months before that date. 

What happens if you do not use the consent?

If the activity stated in your consent has not started within five years of the commencement date, the consent lapses, unless stated otherwise in the consent. If you wish to have an extension to this period, please contact regional council staff well before the consent is due to lapse. 

Annual user charges

As the consent holder you have to pay an annual resource user charge to cover the costs of monitoring, supervision and administration. If extra monitoring and supervision is required because of noncompliance with the conditions of the consent, this will also be charged to you. The regional council can increase the annual resource user charge.

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Transferring resource consents

Except in special cases, you are able to transfer your consent to another person. Contact the regional council if you want to do this as there is a form to be completed and a fee to pay for this transfer. Ensure you transfer your consent when you are selling your property. 

What if you want to give up a consent?

If you want to give up (surrender) a resource consent, please notify the regional council in writing. If you surrender your consent you are still liable for any breach of conditions which occur before the surrender, and you may be required to complete works to give effect to the consent. 

Can the conditions of a resource consent be changed?

Resource consent conditions may be changed in a similar way as with a new application. To do this you will need to apply to the regional council – there is a fee and your application may not be granted. The expiry date can never be changed.

Download the brochure

You can download this information in pdf format from the Resource Consent publications section of our Resource Library.