New Regional Policy Statement

The Regional Policy Statement (RPS) provides a broad direction and framework for managing Northland's natural and physical resources. These include land, water, air, soil, minerals, plants, animals and all built structures. The current RPS is now 10 years old. This project involves the development of a new RPS which takes into account some important changes that have happened over the last decade.

Appeals - Proposed RPS

Information on the appellants to the Proposed RPS.

Council decisions

Council decisions on the Commissioners' recommendations are now available.

Hearings process & recommendations

The Hearing Commissioners' recommendations presented to council for adoption are available from here.

The project so far

Find the project timeline, background information and what happens next.

Submissions-Proposed RPS

Find the summaries of submissions on the Proposed Regional Policy Statement for Northland.

Proposed RPS Maps

Find the proposed maps that show Northland’s ‘outstanding’ areas and ‘coastal environment’

Background - New RPS

An overview of what a Regional Policy Statement is for, and why we’re developing a new one.

Key documents

Links to the Section 42A report, Proposed RPS - Staff strikethrough, and key documents relating to this project.

Want more information?

Stay informed - contact us for more information on the new RPS project.

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