Moorings and marinas


How do I get a mooring?

You can get a mooring either by purchasing an existing mooring or by applying for a resource consent to lay a mooring.

Applying for a new mooring 

The Regional Coastal Plan for Northland sets out specially designated mooring areas. Inside these areas, applications for new moorings are normally granted provided there is suitable space and water depth, and the design of the mooring meets the council's design specification requirements. However, many of these areas are at full capacity. Outside these areas, resource consent for a new mooring is more difficult to obtain.

We recommend that you contact the 'Mooring Officer' in our Maritime Department to discuss your application before you lodge it. This will help make sure you provide the right information so we can process the application as quickly as possible.

How much will it cost?

The application fee for resource consent will depend on the location of the mooring.  This fee depends largely on whether the application will have to be notified or not.

Should resource consent be granted, an annual licence fee will apply.

In addition to the cost of processing the resource consent application, there will be the cost of having the mooring constructed and installed by one of the council-approved mooring contractors listed below

Please contact them for a quote to do this work.

New mooring inspection and construction guidelines

New inspection and construction guidelines were recently introduced to improve the standard of moorings in Northland and reduce the risk of mooring failures.

The guidelines are mainly for the use of contractors and those involved in the mooring maintenance industry. They also introduce new requirements for those that own pile moorings.

These guidelines came into effect on 1 July 2012.

The swing mooring table (below) is an extract from the guidelines, for mooring owners.

 Download the Mooring Guidelines 2012 - swing mooring table (69KB)

Mooring contractors in Northland

Harbour Marine Services
Hylton Edmonds
Address: PO Box 50, Ōpua 0241
Phone: 09 403 8060
Mobile: 0274 874 101
Fax: 09 403 8060

SeaNorth Ltd
Robert Burling
Address: PO Box 1004, Kerikeri 0470
Phone: 09 407 3554
Mobile: 027 454 3349
Fax: 09 407 4554

Moorings Northland (2011) Ltd
Contact: Rob Lang
Address: PO Box 4, Ōpua 0241
Phone: 09 402 6939

Hauraki Marine Services
Contact: Laurence Wall
Address: RD 4, Wellsford 0574
Phone: 09 423 8040

Moorings newsletter

Find updates on the latest mooring news in our moorings newsletter.

 Download the Moorings in Northland newsletter - Spring 2013 (523KB) 

Buying and selling an existing mooring

In most of Northland's harbours, the demand for moorings continues to be high and some of the designated mooring areas are at full capacity.  However, there are always a number of moorings within these mooring areas that are not occupied by vessels most of the time.  These vacant moorings can and should be rented out and if the owners do not have a genuine need for their moorings then they should consider selling them.

The council actively encourages moorings to be sold if they are not being used. 

Check the following places for moorings advertised for sale:

Additionally, one of our mooring contractors, Moorings Northland, has recently started to keep a list of people buying and selling moorings.

It is strongly recommended that you contact the council's Maritime Department to check on the permit conditions and service history of the mooring before agreeing to purchase.

Transferring a mooring

For a change of ownership, a transfer form must be completed and processed by the regional council. However this form is not able to be downloaded as it is individual to each mooring licence. Forms are available on request from the Maritime Team.

Please contact the Maritime Team on 0800 002 004 to discuss transferring your mooring.

Please note the following conditions:

  • The mooring will not be transferred unless it has a current mooring inspection certificate, or the purchaser states (in writing) arrangements have been made for the mooring to be lifted and inspected by a council-approved mooring contractor. 
  • The new owner must check what size vessel the mooring is permitted and approved for before purchasing.  This is important as moorings have a defined vessel size associated with the consent, and larger vessels are not allowed on the mooring. 
  • If the Mooring License and/or Coastal Permit are held by a number of parties, written approval from all of the parties who jointly hold the Mooring License and/or Coastal Permit is required. 
  • A transfer of ownership is not complete until the transfer fee is paid and all registered mooring owners (if more than one person) have signed this transfer notice. Until a transfer is complete, the existing Mooring Owner(s) is fully responsible for all conditions and obligations of the Mooring License and Coastal Permit, including payment of all due charges.

Renting or leasing a mooring

Owners currently list their moorings for sale or rent in the classified section of several local newspapers, in Trade and Exchange, on Trade Me, and on local boating clubs notice boards.

The council is now offering a free online service where mooring owners can list moorings for sale or rent.  

However, once the mooring has been rented the council must be advised and given details of the vessel that will be using the mooring. The person renting the mooring must also ensure that the size and design of the mooring is sufficient to cope with the vessel they intend to place on it, and their vessel does not exceed the permitted length of vessel for that mooring. If there is any uncertainty, please seek advice from the our Maritime Department or from the mooring contractor.

How do I list my mooring for sale or rent?

Moorings for sale or rent are able to be listed through our new online service. 

Find the moorings for sale or rent online application form

Upon completion of the form the moorings team will enter the details on the website at their earliest opportunity.

If you require assistance with completing the form, please contact our moorings team on 0800 002 004 or email

How do I remove my mooring from the list?

If you have rented out your mooring, you must notify us either in writing or by email with the vessel owner(s) contact details and vessel details. 

If you are going to sell your mooring, you must notify us and we will either post or email a transfer of mooring ownership form to you. This form must to be completed by both the owner and purchaser and then forwarded to us with the transfer fee. The transfer will not be processed and registered in the new owner(s) name until this has been completed.

Current listings

The moorings available for sale or rent are listed in alphabetical order by their location.  Please contact the owner directly if you have any queries regarding their listing.

View the list of moorings currently for sale or rent 

General responsibilities as a mooring holder

  • Swing mooring owners must regularly check the top end of moorings for damage or deterioration to the rope and anti-chafe hose. See the mooring safety advisory for more information. If repairs are needed, please contact a mooring contractor.
  • Pile mooring owners must ensure mooring lines are in good condition and of a suitable size.
  • Sunken moorings must be raised and checked by a mooring contractor.
  • Any substandard or damaged buoy should be replaced at the time of its next inspection.  Contractors have been told to replace mooring buoys that are cracked, holed or handle-less.
  • Moorings must not be relocated without prior written approval from the Regional Harbourmaster. Owners of moorings relocated without authorisation will be fined $200 and billed to return the mooring to its consented site.
  • The correct mooring number must be clearly inscribed into the mooring buoy.
  • Larger/longer vessels can’t be placed on your mooring without the Regional Harbourmaster’s prior approval. 

If your contact details change, please inform the Northland Regional Council immediately.


There are currently six purpose-built marinas in Northland, ranging in size from 25–300 berths:

Doves Bay Marina - Kerikeri

Doves Bay Marina
346 Opito Bay Road, RD1
Kerikeri, 0294
Bay of Islands

Phone: +64 9 407 9434
Fax: +64 9 407 9434

Marsden Cove Marina - Whāngārei Harbour

Marsden Cove Ltd
PO Box 110, Orewa
New Zealand

Phone: +64 9 426 1800
Fax: +64 9 426 8871
Freephone: 0508 407 737

Ōpua Marina

Ōpua Marina
Baffin Street, Ōpua
Bay of Islands 0290

Phone: +64 9 402 7124
Fax: +64 9 402 6124

Tutukākā Marina

Stan Roberts
Tutukākā Marina Manager
RD 3 Whāngārei
New Zealand

Phone: +64 9 4343 441
Fax: +64 9 4343 811
After Hours Mobile: 0274 879 807

Whāngārei Town Basin Marina

Town Basin Marina
37 Quayside
Town Basin
Whāngārei 0110
New Zealand

Phone:  +64 9 438 2033
Fax:   +64 9 438 2036

Whangaroa Harbour Marina

Whangaroa Marina Trust
PO Box 141, Kaeo 0448
New Zealand

Location: Whangaroa Rd, 8.5 km from Kaeo off State Highway 10

Office Phone:   09  4050 505
Office Fax:       09 4050  081
Marina Manager's Mobile: 021 029 27270

Local VHF Radio:  CH 12