Flood maps

A flood map identifies land that is at risk of flooding from rivers.

The regional council is producing flood maps for the 26 Northland catchments identified as having the highest level of potential flood risk, as part of the Priority Rivers Project.

The maps are designed to raise awareness of where flood hazard areas are and inform decision-making, to help minimise the impacts of flooding in our region.


The maps have been compiled using an assessment of best available information, and should give a good indication of the areas at risk of flooding.

However, flood mapping is a complex process which involves some approximation of the natural features and processes associated with flooding. Before using the flood maps, please ensure that you understand the disclaimer.

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Download the Disclaimer (240 KB)

What’s on the maps?

The flood maps show the likely extent of river flooding during a 10-year or 100-year flood event. A 10-year flood area has a 10% chance of flooding annually, whilst the more extensive 100-year flood area has a 1% chance of flooding annually.

To find out more about the flood maps and how they are used, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

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Download the Frequently Asked Questions (456 KB)

Where can I view the maps?

The maps are available for viewing on our GIS website.
Please note the maps may take around 45 seconds to load.

View the flood maps on our GIS website

Using the maps

  • Type your address into the search bar in the top left corner of the maps page i.e. Wakelin Road.
  • Click the legend tab to find what the colours represent.

Online maps address search bar.

  • To zoom in and out, just use your mouse scroll button
  • To move around, select the "pan" icon, and then shift the map with your mouse scroll button.
  • To turn on aerial photography (to see your house), select "change basemap" and then select "imagery".

What if I disagree with the maps?

If you believe that a particular location on a map is not at risk of flooding, or you have information that you think may not have been taken into account, get in touch with the regional council's rivers team on 0800 002 004.

Flood maps and the Building Act

Under the Building Act, district councils will take into account the flood maps when making decisions on building consents.  For queries on this please contact your district council:

  • Far North District Council (Lynley Newport, Acting Manager Resource Management) – 0800 920029 or  09 401 5200
  • Kaipara District Council (Andrew Calder, Resource Consents Team Leader) – 0800 727 059 or 09 439 3123
  • Whangarei District Council (Paul Waanders, Policy and Monitoring Manager) – 09 430 4200