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Online maps

We have two Geographical Information Services (GIS) map services available.

Northland Maps

This service enables you to view lots of our regional data overlaid on maps of the Northland region (e.g. Airsheds, Swimming Water Quality Monitoring results).  

Read the Online Maps Terms of Use 

Please note these maps may take around 30 seconds to load.

If the maps do not load in the window below you can access them via this link:


Having problems navigating?

We have put together a basic essentials - quick start guide to finding toolbars, specific information and map coordinates using Northland Maps.

pdf logoDownload the Introduction to Northland Maps - quick start guide (352 KB)


GIS data download centre

If you have your own GIS mapping software you can download data from the Northland Regional Council page on the Koordinates website. There are two types of data available via this service:

  • NRC-produced vector data (provided for free)
    This includes things like Regional Water and Soil Plan layers, Regional Coastal Plan layers and flood susceptible areas.

  • Aerial photography
    There is a small fee (which is to cover Koordinates’ hosting charges) to download this information.

GIS map. Open the GIS download service