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Tide tables

DATED: 28 Jun 2013

Version: Boating in Northland 2013-2014

Tide tables

Tide Table instructions

New Zealand daylight saving time

The tide predictions for the primary ports in this tide table have been corrected for daylight saving time. Daylight savings runs from 2am Sunday 29 September 2013 to 3am Sunday 6 April 2014.

Primary ports

All New Zealand tidal data is referenced to predictions for primary ports. Northland's primary ports are Marsden Point on the east coast and Port Taranaki on the west coast.

Secondary ports

The times and heights of tides for secondary ports can be found by applying the corrections found on pages 46 and 47 to the corresponding primary port predictions.

Tide table range

The actual height of the tide at any time can be found by using the range table on pages 44 and 45. To find the height of the tide:

1. Calculate the duration of the tide (low water to high water or vice versa) for your port.

2. Calculate the interval between the current time and the closest low or high water.

3. Calculate the range of the current tide for your port.

4. Enter the top section of the Range Table (page 44) with the tide duration in the left hand column and find the nearest interval to your calculated one in the body of the table. This will determine the appropriate column in the body of the table.

5. Stay in that column and transfer to the bottom table (page 45). Read off the correction from your column for your range of tide.

6. Apply the correction to the predicted tide height for the low or high you calculated your interval from. Please note that you add the correction to a low water prediction and subtract it from a high water one.

Find the Tide Tables

The Tide Tables are only available in PDF format (1.3MB). Download the Tide Tables from our full Boating in Northland section.