Composting and worm farming

Food waste makes great compost.Food waste makes great compost.

You can help reduce your waste around the home by composting or worm farming - whatever suits your lifestyle best.


Every year Kiwis throw away more than three million tonnes of rubbish, of which more than 45% is food waste!


Every 6kg of unsorted rubbish sent to landfill emits nearly 5kg of carbon dioxide – a greenhouse gas - into the atmosphere. Yet most of what we throw away could be sorted and disposed of in a far more eco-friendly way.

Nature’s recycling system

Your household produces an enormous amount of waste each year that could be composted. Having a compost or worm bin in your backyard is a great way to reduce your waste and help protect the environment.


We have produced a handy guide to help you set up and maintain a compost bin or worm farm.


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Download a copy of our Composting and Worm Farming booklet from our resource library